Medicaid Expansion

Mississippi Health Advocacy Program continues to support the expansion of Medicaid in the state. With over 200,000 working Mississippians that stand to gain access to affordable health care, MHAP works to make this a reality for the state. Through providing relevant policy papers, economic studies, polling and story banking we strive to make Mississippi Medicaid expansion an issue central to the success of Mississippians and our state economy.

Medicaid Block Grants

MHAP recognizes the importance of Medicaid to children and families, and as such advocates for the continuation of federal and state oversight of the program. Currently, Medicaid is a federal entitlement program that allows Mississippi’s seniors, children and the disabled to apply for and receive benefits provided by a federal and state partnership that guarantees Mississippi recipients due process of law.  Under a block grant scenario, politicians would have the ability to arbitrarily cap enrollment, eliminate services, impose premium payment and reduce provider payments. MHAP will advocate for maintaining our federal state partnership and the continuation of Medicaid health coverage for our families, seniors and disabled populations.

Medicaid Consumer Assistance

MHAP is recognized nationwide as the Mississippi catalyst and convener for bringing people and groups together to serve health consumers efficiently and effectively. MHAP does this by engaging and working with local community-based organizations to provide them with timely, useful resources on Medicaid enrollment and post-enrollment issues. While MHAP is most widely recognized for its public health policy work, we have responded to the needs of Mississippians by providing Medicaid consumer health insurance assistance. Our Health Help Mississippi program provides direct enrollment assistance to consumers that are experiencing issues with both private and public insurance. Visit for more information on Health Help's services.

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